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Please find attached below our 2012 Flute Fiesta Competition Schedule


time last name first name grade teacher accompanist piece

10:00 AM Bursch Nina 10 Alaina Diehl TBD Koehler: Oriental Serenade

10:07 AM Cogan Shayla 10 Danielle Frabutt Melissa Lane (?) Ganne: Andante et Scherzo

10:17 AM Tran Sylvie 10 Valerie Potter/Carla Beauchamp Stephen Montoya Mouquet: La Flute de Pan 1st mvt

10:25 AM Wade Stephen 11 Valerie Potter unaccompanied Muczinski: 3 Preludes

10:34 AM Scharmer Caitlyn 11 Sara Tutland Frances Steinbach Gluck: Minuet and Dance

10:43 AM Strickler Kayla 11 Stephanie Liu Luciana Simoes Prokofiev: Sonata, mvt 4

10:55 AM Hsiao Jasmyne 9 Sara Tutland Chaio Li Tsaio Molique: Andante

11:05 AM Wise Justice 9 Sara Tutland Frances Steinbach Enesco: Cantabile et Presto

11:14 AM McCarthy Morgan 9 Sara Tutland Frances Steinbach Handel F Maj: 3, 2

11:23 AM Hansen Britton 9 Carol Feeney Thomas Munro Swiss Aire and Variations

11:35 AM Ferner Cheyenne 12 Sara Tutland Frances Steinbach Godard: Idylle

11:42 AM Lowhar Dominic 12 Sara Tutland Frances Steinbach Gaubert: Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando

11:51 AM Murphy Julia 12 Sasha Garver Sasha Garver Molique: Andante

11:58 AM Yannotti Tegan 9 Alaina Diehl Polly Dendy Anderson: The Mill


time last name first name grade teacher accompanist piece

2:00 PM McCullough Vivien 4 Carol Feeney TBD Genin: Carnival of Venice

2:07 PM Wilson Eva 4 Sara Tutland Frances Steinbach French Folk Song: Melody, Rhythm Variation

2:18 PM Olewine Marian 5 Sara Tutland Lu Yuan Telemann: Sonata F Major: 1st mvt

2:24 PM Privett Shadi 5 Sara Tutland Frances Steinbach Haydn: Surprise Symphony Theme

2:35 PM Fort Thalia 6 Carol Feeney Donna Bacon Bach Polonaise

2:47 PM Kidner Breanne 8 Carol Feeney Donna Bacon Serenade

3:00 PM MacCurdy Katherine 8 Alaina Diehl Frances Steinbach Godard: Allegretto

3:06 PM Zupfer Hope 8 Sara Tutland Frances Steinbach Handel: F Maj Sonata 1 & 4

3:14 PM Penners Nicole 8 Sara Tutland Frances Steinbach Schumann: The Reaper's Song

3:20 PM McGehee Emma 7 Sara Tutland Frances Steinbach Haydn: Allegro

3:26 PM Dunn Caroline 7 Sara Tutland Cheryl Sharps Bach: March

3:32 PM Brown Alexis 7 Sara Tutland Frances Steinbach Haydn: Serenade

3:38 PM Mason Rachel 7 Sara Tutland Frances Steinbach Handel: F Maj Sonata Giga




  Trevor Wye's Amazing Carnival of Venice on DVD


Are you considering attending the University of New Mexico?

UNM'SFlute Professor Valerie Potter would like to give you a free flute lesson. 


The Albuquerque Flute Association is dedicated to the promotion of flute related activities, including performance, education and appreciation of such across all ages and abilities within Albuquerque and throughout the state of New Mexico.


We Sponsor Annual Events:

  • All-State Festival Audition Preparation Masterclass
  • Flute Fiesta
  • Flute Fiesta Guest Artist Recital
  • Showcase Recital featuring Flute Fiesta Competition Winners
  • Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program Audition Preparation Masterclass

We publish a quarterly newsletter

We perform music during holidays for businesses as a fundraiser

The Albuquerque Flute Association, Inc., established in 1986, is a registered, non-profit corporation

in the state of New Mexico (non-profit #1309095).

The AFA is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and cultural purposes.

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