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Membership in the Albuquerque Flute Association runs the calendar year from January-December. Membership fees are $35 for Adult Flutists and $25 for Students. You must be a memeber in order to attend and participate in our annual Flute Fiesta. Membership also gives you a discount to other events throughout the year. You will receive our Quarterly Newsletter. You also have the ability to advertise concerts/sale of instruments/lessons on our website and in our newsletter.

The AFA Board Members meet once a month! If you would like to volunteer your services for the fiesta and other events you have the ability to do so through the membership form! 

If you have any questions regarding membership, Please contact Sara Tutland: 




Commercial Membership Membership

Commercial Membership runs the calendar year from January - December. Commercial members are invited to be vendors at our Annual Flute Fiesta, usually held in March.  For More information in regards to Commercial Membership please contact Alaina Diehl: 


2011 Commercial Members





2012 AFA Membership Form

1)  Please submit this application by using the submit button below and pay dues online.


2)  Print this page after you fill it out and mail it in with payment to:
AFA, PO Box 3641, Albuquerque, NM 87190
For more information regarding membership, please contact Sara Tutland 505-238-0265.

Note: The AFA membership year is from Jan. 1- Dec. 31.


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Student-$20.00 Student's birthdate: (month/day/year) Grade in school:

Adult-$35.00 Adult's birthdate: (month/day)

New member/Renewal?

The AFA depends on volunteer help. How would you like to help? Please put a "Y" for Yes or "N" for No.

Newsletter articles

Newsletter bulk mailing

Newsletter editing

Coordinate events

Serve on AFA board

Host meetings/events

Volunteer at events

Serve on committees

Bake for bake sales



Web site

Help with commercial members

Other ways you'd volunteer

Please describe yourself.  Put an "X" by the group that applies to you.

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