Wye Seminar

Come to an intensive, fun and inspiring week-long class presented by masters Trevor Wye and Mary Jo Gothmann. These artists have created a unique masterclass experience by offering a wide variety of learning opportunities each day including group warm-ups with improvisation, transposition and stimulating practice routines, a studies class which addresses the building blocks of music, and repertoire classes that emphasize the collaborative nature of flute and piano repertoire. The class includes daily informal performances by the artists, and ends with a student recital in which all performers may participate. You will find yourself greatly enriched by the joy that emanates from these artists while playing and teaching music! Cosponsored by the Albuquerque Flute Association and the University of New Mexico Department of Music.
To register and for payment options and infomation, please see our special page at http://www.abqflute.com/WyeCoursePlan2007.htm.