The AFA is pleased to make the following unique flute items available to our visitors. Purchases help promote the flute and add a little to the AFA kitty.
carnival.jpg Carnival of Venice (DVD)
Trevor Wye and Clifford Benson's "46 Variations of The Carnival of Venice for 58 Flutes" is a professionally made film brought to you by the AFA. Trevor Wye's legendary journey through the Carnival of Venice on more flute-like instruments than you could ever imagine is sure to leave anyone who sees it truly delighted. This one-of-a-kind video, filmed at the University of New Mexico in Keller Hall, June 14, 2003, is guaranteed to make you laugh. Mr. Wye tells jokes about flutes and flutists' habits, lights up flutes, cuts one apart to make it the right pitch, and more. Some of the flutes played in the video include a 750 year old ocarina found in a mountain tomb in Ecuador, a very rare triple flageolet - one of only twelve known to exist, a human tibia, many ethnic flutes, several electronic flutes, and modern flutes of different sizes. Mr. Wye has presented his show to audiences world wide. Don't miss your chance to get your copy of this fun and zany DVD.